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DogFart affiliation program guide to make money.

Undisputed king of interracial affiliate program.

3 ways to import DogFart videos in your website

1. By hand

The most basic way is to go directly to the website, search for what you want and then copy the video informations by hand and add it in a new article.

  1. Go to dogfart.com website
  2. Find the video you want by navigating on the site
  3. Save the video thumbnail on your hard drive
  4. Create a new post on your site
  5. Add the title from DogFart
  6. Copy and past the iframe into your post content
  7. Add the keywords
  8. Upload the saved thumbnail
  9. Set the thumbnail as the post featured image
  10. Check a WordPress category
  11. Repeat from the first step for each video you want


  • get exactly what you want


  • tedious
  • time consuming
  • no duration

2. From a DogFart category

Importing videos one by one is good. You get very precise video you need. But often you'll want a lots of videos from DogFart very fast when you create a new porn site.

In this case, you'll want to use WPS Mass Embedder. This is the most popular of our adult WordPress plugins. You can search and import videos from any keyword you want directly in the plugin. Import new videos frequently with auto pilot and many more features.

3. Frequently asked questions

Can DogFart videos be played on mobile?

Yes, videos from DogFart can be read on every support: mobile, tablet and desktop.

What player is used to play DogFart videos?

DogFart is a XBiz Sponsor, you can play their mp4 videos with your own player.

Is there any redirection on mobile?

No, there is no redirection when you play a DogFart video on mobile.

Are DogFart videos HTTPS ready?

Yes, videos from DogFart can be played on HTTPS sites.

Does DogFart offer several thumbnails for rotation on mouse hover?

No, only one main thumb can be grabbed with DogFart sponsor partner.

Does DogFart offer video trailer on thumb mouse hover?

No, only one main thumb can be grabbed with DogFart sponsor partner.

Straight, gay or shemale videos with DogFart?

You can grab straight & gay porn videos with DogFart sponsor partner.

4. How to make money with DogFart affiliate program

Their webmaster affiliate program is based on subscription sells. DogFart pays up to 80% Revshare and up to $60 per Signup. You can easily earn money by displaying a link with your affiliate ID under the video. Save time and mass import several DogFart videos by using Mass DogFart Videos Grabber WordPress Plugin