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  • We have many websites and scripts running. This was the first Wordpress script w've tried and to be honest we are as much surprised as happy. The owner of WP-Script is knowledgable fast and give excellent support on all their products. If you are a startup in Adult please stay away from all other scripts and use WP-script instead. The script can handle high traffic and can be easily used to scale. Besides the technical advantages it has most Partner feeds integrated. Most Adult scripts has no more then 8 tube site connected. WP-Script has 87!!!! This is huge people. Unless you are planning to spend 1000nds of Euro's/Dollars on integrating feeds yourself please stick to WP-Script.Besides this was a test for us We are going to keep the current line of site with WP-Script.Thanks for all the professional help and support! (Sorry for the long text)//Team MissesEmpire

  • excellent and fast to get started with. unless you're an experiences adult tube owner, this is the perfect script for us who are starting in the adult tube industry.

  • The best theme out there. If they continue to take improvement requests, it will only get better.

  • very very good tranks show!

  • I think this is a great theme and plugin for wordpress tube

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WordPress Porn Tube with Grabbed Videos
WordPress Adult Site with Embedded Videos

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This is an example of a general adult tube site built with
WP-Script Tube Theme and Mass import video plugin

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