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  • good job! my site is evolved.

  • good job...keep being the best

  • There is little to perfection! Unfortunately, I miss other categories (multiple selections) in the Grabber video edit box.

  • The wp-script theme is a great product. I was using the detube theme, which was good but it didn't have all the features I was looking for. For some strange reason the user submission page was gone, but the team at wp-script fixed it up for me in a fast and timely manner. If you're going to be running an adult tube site this is the theme to use.

  • From experience, I have used many plugins and themes online. The plugin alone cuts my work in half and I like the ease of use and the many options and features. As for the theme, when starting out it doesn't look like much but you can customize the look and feel to meet your needs like I have done it looks very professional. For example take a look here: Their support is very excellent and for the price compared to the other competitors it really can not be beat. I hope to see more features in your future updates. Keep up the great work and good look in your sales!

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