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Here's a list of the 50 latest WP-Script reviews on TrustPilot

Carmy ✓ Verified
Excellent products.

Excellent products. Much more than satisfied

Agostino ✓ Verified
everything perfect and fast

Everything perfect and fast

Daniel ✓ Verified
The software works surprisingly well

The software works surprisingly well. It's very easy to set up, even for non-technical people. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is that it lacks documentation and the latest update had some minor issues. But I would definitely recommend wp-scripts for anyone who wants to get into this business.

Fabrizio ✓ Verified
goooood fantastis script

Goooood fantastis script

Gustavo ✓ Verified
Nice one

Nice one, thnks!

Milfster ✓ Verified
Niches on RetroTube doesn't work for…

Niches on RetroTube doesn't work for me. Mobile theme is hard to setup without messing with code. WPS Disclaimer, WPS Checker, WPS Cookie Consent and WPS Mass Embedder works great.

Milfocean ✓ Verified

Amazing, no complaints. I am very happy so far. It has done exactly what I wanted and so much more. Thank you WP Scripts.

Frank ✓ Verified
A really useful plugin that I have been…

A really useful plugin that I have been looking for. Works perfectly too!

Ivan Sanchez ✓ Verified
Easy installation, great products

All the process was super easy, installation following their guide and use of the scripts. Also, the end product is exactly as described and expected.

Giorgi Masto ✓ Verified

Ottimo plugin.

Ivica Mikulčić ✓ Verified
Easy as that

Easy as that. Better than competitors. Nice job 💪

Admedia ✓ Verified
the best ever

The best ever

Dmitry ✓ Verified
But i have a suggestion add more…

But i have a suggestion add more filters like duration of video or hd something like 480+ i don't what automatic video uploader in bad quality or 20 seconds video. if i can put autopilot and chose those settings your script is priceless

Ton Noordam ✓ Verified
Very great tube script

Very great tube script

DAVID ✓ Verified
nice product

Nice product

Happysmilefuntime ✓ Verified
It worked and is up and running

It worked and is up and running. Very easy.

Better S. ✓ Verified
Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy! Thanks!

Andrew Tkachenko ✓ Verified
Awesome tool

Awesome tool. The best I have ever tested on the market.

Good products and they have chat on Discord with many users

They have resolved the issues with the theme and continue to update their products, which is very positive.

Jay ✓ Verified
Wp-Script is amazing

Wp-Script is amazing, The plugins and themes they offer are so flexible and easy to use! I love it.

Jose ✓ Verified
Well done team

Well done, easy to use, keep going, congrat.

John ✓ Verified

Works well, Simple to use. Must have for webmasters.

Best products with best prices

Best products with best prices. I recommend all the plugins!

Carlyon ✓ Verified
Excellent plugins and services

Excellent plugins and services. I recommend to all my friends

Maria Teresa ✓ Verified
I am happy to work with you

I am happy to work with you. everything is great, thank you.

Himanshu ✓ Verified
Easy to Use & Reliable

Just buy and start your website on your fingertip.

LS ✓ Verified
WP-Script Easy To Install and Use

WP-Script product worked as advertised. Process to purchase, install, and use was easy and straightforward. Will consider using services again.

AnalReaction ✓ Verified
That's Great!!

That's Great!!

Beginner ✓ Verified
WP-Script offers good tools to create…

WP-Script offers good tools to create your own porn tube. Good service, tips and help in implementing the websites. It is not easy to create good porn sites that are successful. WP-Script offers all the basics and ideas to get a foothold in the market.

DG ✓ Verified

Good, i like it

Romana ✓ Verified
La perfezione assoluta

La perfezione assoluta! Grazie grazie grazie

Jc Poortvliet ✓ Verified
The struggling is over....!

I was allways struggling with setting up an adult videotube, but with WP-Script i did it in notime. Professional design and the import of videos is going as smooth as it can gets!

Luis ✓ Verified
Great plugin to put your site on auto…

Great plugin to put your site on auto pilot.

David ✓ Verified
thank you

Thank you, its making things much much more easy, you can run an adult site in less then 30 minutes

one of the easiest adult scripts

Ive been a user of this wordpress pluging for a few years now on my old site. i recently tried others for a new web site and none of them were as easy to setup and add videos as this one. I highly recommend this!!

Webmaster Guss ✓ Verified
I do not hesitate to invest in WP-Script

Years ago I used the WP-Script themes, I lost my business and I am currently taking it up again, I do not hesitate to invest in WP-Script because I know the good quality in the details.

John ✓ Verified
I didn't think your service was going…

I didn't think your service was going to be fast. You responded on the same day. Thanks.

BDB ✓ Verified
Excellent product

Excellent product. Excellent support when required

Fabrizio ✓ Verified

Ho aperto da poco un sito adult devo riconoscee che WP script è fantastico vale la pena provare il mio giudizio finale è ottimo mi trovo benissimo

Hesham ✓ Verified
best adult WP script

Best adult WP script , themes, plugins available in market

Hilari ✓ Verified
WP script does what it says

WP script does what it says

Reverse Crucifix KM ✓ Verified
5 Stelle ben meritate e tanto altro...

Scrivo in italiano perché è la mia lingua madre! Ho acquistato WP Script proprio ieri per il mio primo sito porno, e ho installato il tema "Famous Tube". Ho tutto ciò di cui mi serve per completare tutto il mio sito, e penso proprio che senza "WP script" non ci sarei mai riuscito. Tuttavia, vi è anche un'opzione per coloro che vogliono caricare i video a massa e si chiama (WP Mass Embedder) e altre soluzioni efficaci. Infine.. Il prezzo è stato molto soddisfacente (Paghi una volta per sempre!) Che dire.. Lo consiglio vivamente. Un'ultima cosa prima che me ne dimentico... Se stai lavorando con il tuo sito come affiliato, WP script è ciò che farà nel tuo caso. Recati in basso dalla pagina ufficiale di Wp Script e fai click su (Affiliate Program). Compila tutti i campi richiesti e attiva il tuo account affiliato. Avrai a disposizione di link e banner che potrai promuovere facilmente dal tuo sito web. Io l'ho fatto con un articolo che riguarda proprio il porno... E mi ha dato molti benefici. Ottimo lavoro Wp Script! I migliori saluti, Kyle.

Agostino ✓ Verified
An excellent service

An excellent service

Kronos ✓ Verified
Very Good

Very Good, Best Script <3

Paul ✓ Verified
Programs are top notch and easy to use

Programs are top notch and easy to use

Erkut ✓ Verified
Wp Script

Wp Script, best wp adult site plugins and themes on this planet.

Haitham ✓ Verified

Gooood service

Michael ✓ Verified
I think your products are very good

I think your products are very good, they are also very suitable for beginners, only the live cam script is what I don't think is great.

Jan Ruijsch ✓ Verified
The best WordPress Themes and Plugins…

The best WordPress Themes and Plugins to create Porn Tube Sites.

Samuel ✓ Verified
I've started using the theme that i…

I've started using the theme that i acquired whit wp-script, and ir has fulfilled Mu expectations