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We have many websites and scripts running. This was the first Wordpress script w've tried and to be honest we are as much surprised as happy. The owner of WP-Script is knowledgable fast and give excellent support on all their products. If you are a startup in Adult please stay away from all other scripts and use WP-script instead. The script can handle high traffic and can be easily used to scale. Besides the technical advantages it has most Partner feeds integrated. Most Adult scripts has no more then 8 tube site connected. WP-Script has 87!!!! This is huge people. Unless you are planning to spend 1000nds of Euro's/Dollars on integrating feeds yourself please stick to WP-Script.Besides this was a test for us We are going to keep the current line of site with WP-Script.Thanks for all the professional help and support! (Sorry for the long text)//Team MissesEmpire

excellent and fast to get started with. unless you're an experiences adult tube owner, this is the perfect script for us who are starting in the adult tube industry.

The best theme out there. If they continue to take improvement requests, it will only get better.

very very good tranks show!

I think this is a great theme and plugin for wordpress tube

Product is awesome but needs some improvements.

very happy with your services , I see it perfect with a trusted and very helpful support , I hope you get more and more success 5/5 .

Couple this with the script and you have a complete tube solution ready to go. Excellent support and they keep rolling out new updates/features!

I have been using this script for about a month now and I think it has already been updated at least 3 times with new features bug/fixes. The support is on point and gets back to me usually within the same day. No complaints whatsoever and quite possibly the easiest in terms of setup. Would definitely recommend!

This theme will have a website running within minutes and you will have the content too! There are some slight upgrades that will make it pop out more for example the pornstar page could have thumbnail list instead of a normal list but still great to use for a niche to attract visitors! The price is also too low for the support you get and the tools you have at your disposal don't hestitate about it!

I Love the idea of wp script we are using both pro version and we hope that this will upgrade and have more functionality time by time!

Very good product i love the idea. :) some stuff needs to upgrade but still i love it :)

It’s a Great product, easy to use and install with Excellent support from tech’s highly recommended

I have tried a lot of plugins that served the same purpose this script does, but I can assure you that you won't regret this purchase. Easy to use, simple to setup, kind support and a lot of perks. What do you want more? :) I would even highly recommend it to people who are very first time users building a website.Keep up the good work guys!

I tried every adult script I could find before deciding to pull the trigger and get WP-Script. It's simply the best. Not else comes close to the quality this plugin delivers. No need for tech support yet.

Awesome plugin for import porn from all over the world. We have many more hopes from the wp-script team for improve more and more in theme and plugin for spread our and their business to all over the world. Hope they will find more tactics for make best and best.

It's a Great product, easy to use and install with Excellent support from tech's highly recommended

Me gusta mucho este script, antes de trabajar con Wordpress trabajaba con otra plataforma, y colocaba manualmente los videos, con este scrip puedo importar muchos videos de un solo golpe. (english translation: I really like this script, before working with Wordpress I worked with another platform, and manually placed the videos, with this script I can import many videos at once.)

Uso o Wp-Script e recomendo a todos, um dos melhores temas que já tive o prazer de usar. tenho nada a reclamar simplesmente me ajudo muito em muitos momentos (english translation: I use Wp-Script and recommend it to everyone, one of the best themes I've ever had the pleasure to use. I have nothing to complain about, it simply helps me a lot in many moments)

An option to manage VR videos would be better. Otherwise nothing to say, very simple to use.

I recently told WP-Script of my desire to be able to switch between a search bar and a search icon in the theme's header. They integrated it very quickly. Impressive.

I tried wp-script for the very first time on my website, it's really so easy to use and helps me to earn a lot of time ! Thank you.

For the price don't hesitate a second. This theme is premium quality

Not much to say except that this video theme is amazing. Visually beautiful and very simple to configure. Thank you!!!!

What a super product. I was able to create 15 different sites thanks to this theme. Ideal for porn, you can buy without hesitation

I like this script, It is easy to use and have many thing cam do it without fatigue and have more than site can share videos from it.. thank you so much

No complaints, this theme is by far the best wordpress theme to make adult sites. Just one thing, the Pornstars template could be improved with the pictures of actresses for example. Thanks!

What a beautiful theme (especially in dark mode). I love the "realism" mode and its style effects. Ideal for a porn tube!

This plugin and theme is good and very easy to setup and use but a few more options would make it so much better like having a search option for specific keywords or videos.

I tested many wordpress themes for video sites and I confess that this one really amazed me. You can absolutely set everything in the customizer! Thanks WP-Script :)

This is the best grabber tool for wordpress, and theme. Love it.

За небольшие деньги получаешь многофункциональный порно скрипт. Этот скрипт вне конкуренции. Автору спасибо!!! (For little money you get a multifunctional porn script . This script competition. The author thanks !!!)

Excellent Duet, Clean, simple to use. But i would like to have more options for the theme. Options like differents ads in sidebar depending on the article categories. More design option without having to touch the CSS, like menu/home_widget colors etc. A simple place to put analytics code also ^^. But really worth the price, you can forget other similar themes ^^.

Hands down the best plugin I have found for importing feeds directly, the theme design is very well done also. Keyword import is something I would love rather than just category but I understand they are working on this and it will be released soon.

The set up is very easy and very affordable. Tones of content sources that are easy to setup with many ready to go out of the box. One thing I wish it had was a better filter on category and tags. More so an ability to blog videos that have certain tags or are in a give category. Would make creating more niche based tube sites a ton easier. Thanks for an awesome plugin and theme though.

Love the Theme and Plug In. Best thing I have found to save time yet.

Thank you for making this script become one of the best adult wordpress plugins, I hope you can add more source

So far, I've been 100% satisfied with the plugins and theme. Great Work. French porn are coming soon!! ;)

The logo and widget management could be improved. Everything else is perfect. 100% mobile friendly, simple and intuitive. Ability to use it on unlimited sites. Worth all the money that it costs

Only thing I would like to see is more countries added. Other than that the app is amazing.

I like the script. It's easy to install and use. A simple solution that meets my needs. I do wish that it would check more feeds on the auto-import.

It is a nice script and theme I have seen ever. You will never regret buying this script. I recommend this script and my rating is 5/5.

I've tried every video grabber wordpress tool I could find This is the best so far. It's simple to use and it works. Also the theme is mobile ready, which is a must these days.

This script is one of the easiest scripts to use to create a quick filled auto-tube in minutes.

Very good plug needs litle more to be perfect . Plugin 1.3.9 pro has 70 sponsors of adult videos. We can add variety of videos but some of the sponsors like idolbucks, niceratios, ewok vador not importing videos, partnercash videos has in video banners that are not closing and this not allowing videos to play, famedollars still has no affiliate id added. I'm waiting more sponsors like hustlercash, privatecash, cumlouder, payserve, amateurpayouts (dagfs), czechcash, fuckyoucash, juggcash, javbucks, nscash, nubilefilms, paperstreetcash (teamskeet), perfectgonzo, pornstarplatinum, pubacash. The pro theme is very good, easy to work with but the new members profile page has to be more social, to add their info sex orientation, their sex, age, country social their social network pages, and to create playlists and to interact with other members like pornhub. To add video a member is risky cause often submit not permitted or illegal videos. But for WordPress tube is one of the best.

I love this plugin, zero problems, ease of use... simply the best

Complete tool the many themes I have used this is the best!

Really love this plugin I just wish I could choose keywords. It would make importing into categories more of a breeze for me and then it would be perfect!

The Script is awesome, easy to use and fast. The Theme is beautiful, responsive and and has good customization features. I'm 100% happy!!!

This will save you time and help you earn big bucks. It is very easy to use, even kids could do it.

I am a developer and I wanted to do it all by myself, but time is money and WP-Script saves your time and helps you get more money. Also great support, I asked for a feature and they said we already have it in plan. Great job.

Hello Author.. Installation was a breeze.. nice and simple.. No issues with anything.. Thank you so much.. Have rated 5/5

I'm sure like all of us you have been looking for an affordable way of getting adult content into your sites. look no further. With WP-Script you'll get the best of both worlds, WordPress and content grabbing all in one place. No modifications or headaches. I totally recomend it

I don't usually post reviews but I must recognize that this plugin is just amazing. It's a powerful and really easy to use tool. I replaced my import plugins for this one on all my sites!

Easy to install on Wordpress, you dont need any programmer knowledge. Easy to import videos. Theme should me a little more customizable. I recommend.

the easiest way to create profitable adult sites.

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