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Adult niche vs general porn site, which is the best?

Do you know why so many people around the globe is watching porn on daily basis? Simply because it’s the easiest way to fulfill any of their deepest fantasies. Whether you like matures, asian, teens, trannies or else, there is something for your own taste.

As an adult tube webmaster, make a choice between creating a general porn site and a niche one is the very first step to start your journey. It should be a well-considered choice if you don’t want to waste your valuable efforts for nothing.

What are porn niches?

An adult niche can be defined as high-specific category of content people are looking for. When you create a niche porn tube, your whole site must suit the niche you have chosen, from the design to the content.

For example, Latina, Lesbian teens, Milf, BDSM, Yoga, Hentai, Celebs, are considered as porn niches. They are nothing more than the categories available in a general tube sites.
Of course, you can choose to create a general adult site and gather all these categories too like PornHub or XHamster, but is it the right choice?

Create a general porn tube, the benefits and drawbacks

The benefits of creating a general adult site

The main advantage with a general porn tube is that you can attract a lot of visitors thanks to the various keywords and categories you will use.

Every single person that will land on your site will find something for him. It means that no matter which ads you display, straight, gay, teens, masturbation, there will be at least one person among your visitors that will click on it to make you a few bucks.

The other good point of a general porn tube is that you won’t struggle to find content as you can literally use any existing porn video on the internet. You just have to setup a multi-sources embedder plugin and and suck out all the content from the most popular sites.

But is gathering all this mix-content and ads to attract everyone is a good choice?

What are the drawbacks of a general tube

You will directly compete against the big ones but also, against the small sites that people like you have already created and started to work on. It will be a pain in the arse to rank your site high. You will have to work on every single SEO category if you want to have a chance to appear at least on the 3nd or 4th page of SERPS. And honestly, who goes further than the first page?

Also, gathering multiple kind of porn content can affect your bounce rate negatively. For example let’s imagine I’m one of your visitor and I’m into asian fetish.

What will happen if I land on your page and I only see one lost thumbnail that features a cute asian teen among all of the others?
I will immediately close your site and search for an other one that provide me exactly the content I’m looking for. This behavior will increase your bounce rate and so your ranking.

Create the new YouPorn is the dream of everyone that starts in this adult industry. But let’s be honest, starting with a general porn site and ranking among the big whales is a difficult challenge. It’s like trying to compete against Amazon or Apple, we wouldn’t even have a chance here.

As we saw, it’s impossible won’t be able to be the best on every porn google research, then why not trying to dominate one?

Why you should build a niche site over a general one

Much less competition

It’s easier to trust a google research with a niche site. For example, if you go for the “lesbian teen” segment and gear all your content toward this niche, you increase your chance to attract most of the 155.000 monthly organic Google research to your porn site.
You may have less traffic than with a general tube but the traffic you will get will be well-targeted thus you will build a faithful base of returning visitors.

Increase your conversion rate slightly

The other main advantage of a niche adult tube is to increase your conversion rate by displaying relevant ads for your visitors. Would you click on a gay banner in a porn site filled with straight content ? We know the answer. With a segmented porn site, the key is to suggest the exact type of product or service ad that your visitor is willing to pay for.

For example your click-through rate (CTR) will skyrocket if you display mature dating banners over your running MILF porn tube. 35+ women lovers will be more inclined to click on your ad unlike people who are looking for younger girls content.

A better traffic retention

That goes without saying that a specific content will retain your audience. Your site will become a fetish vault for your traffic. They will be more likely to spend hours on your site bookmark it and come back an other day. This will increase your watch time thus your SEO and will make you earn your first bucks quicker than with a general adult site.

How to make an adult niche site starting from scratch

Choose a niche

Choosing a niche is the very first thing to do when you want to start your porn site. My main advice would be to avoid general & micro-niches! If you go for a lesbian or a Milf niche your choice won’t be enough segmented and you will still have to deal with a lot of competition.

I’m not saying that those niches aren’t good in fact they are a great choice but they need to be refined a little. As previously mentioned I used the “lesbian teen” example that gathers 155k Google searches. It’s enough to make good money and low enough to avoid too much competitors.

On the other hand, it’s important to avoid micro-niche. For example, if you are into men in thighs fetish, you will struggle to get some content and to monetize it as it will be too specific to attract many visitors.

Choosing the right niche is not easy of course it takes time to find the right one and it shouldn’t be neglected. Good news for you, we wrote a useful guide that explains a good method to find relevant niches.

Understand your niche and stick to it

You found a good niche? Great! Now it’s time to understand it thoroughly. If you go for lesbian teen niche, be assured that your visitors won’t leave your site if they see a scene between a teen and a mature for example.

All the categories you will create will be built around your main niche keyword, in this case : “lesbian teen”. That’s how you will rank your tube site higher. Use KWFinder and look after lesbian teen related research. For example, you can create a “lesbian hairy teen” category along with a “asian lesbian teen” category etc.

Get content

A high-quality content is the key to keep visitors and get a high returning traffic rate that will increase your ads conversions. You have two options that both have pros and cons.

First one, you can choose to self-host MP4 videos and manually get your content. Just go on your favorite tubes sites like XVideos, create an account and you will be able to manually download every videos.


  • You hand-pick the videos carefully to control what you provide to your traffic
  • You will always get your content


  • It’s really time consuming and you will spend hours per day getting at least 100 videos
  • You will spend lot of money on hosting if you self-host a lot of content

Second option, you can use WPS Mass Embedder plugin to embed tons of videos and their settings (title, description, preview thumbnails).

This plugin allows you to bulk embed videos from 50 sources by categories and to modify the content on the fly. It means that you won’t have to always return to your WordPress admin to modify the content.


  • Save precious time by getting hundreds of videos at once and modify the content directly.
  • You can filter by category and import your niche related content only
  • 50 sources available including the most important ones
  • Auto-import : let the plugin import content automatically


  • It’s not free ($44 one time payment), you pay once and you get it forever

My tip is to mix it up with WPS Mass Grabber to provide premium videos trailer in addition to the free content embedded.

WPS Grabber allows you to embed 30 second premium video trailers from XBIZ video sponsors to earn money when one of your visitor purchases the full video.

Give your porn site a design that suits your niche

There is a ultimate step to reach. Your porn tube design is the cherry on the (adult industry) cake. Well it’s actually essential and can’t be ignored.

Once again, you can do it by yourself. You can take some inspiration from ThePornDude and pay a freelance to design your site so you can have your own custom design.

On the other hand you can choose to use our free niches design, directly included in RetroTube so that you can choose among 7 different niches design. New niches are added regularly.

How to monetize your niche site with affiliate offers?

Now it’s time to talk about the most important thing of this article: how does your niche can be juicy and how to make money out of your work?

For this section, let’s say we built a MILF niche tube and that we are now about to monetize it.

MILF and all the related term such as mature, step-mom, moms etc. are the most searched adult terms in Google. The fantasy to have sex with an older girl is maybe the one shared by most men in the world.

Keep in mind that your visitors will come to your MILF tube because of the content you offer them.

There is a common mistake made by new adult webmasters who display ads that are entirely irrelevant with the content they provide. As said previously, your visitors would never click on a gay ad if you are looking for straight porn.

In our case we should target our audience with mature ads to get conversions. To do so, we will use the power of adult affiliate network, the best way to monetize a porn site.

Make money with adult affiliate offers

An affiliate network is the intermediary between the advertiser who wants to sell a product and the promoter (you) who will earn a commission for every sale generated.

As an adult webmaster, you can choose to directly deal with an advertiser or you can choose to sign up for an affiliate network and enjoy all the offers and tools.

For this example, we will use CrakRevenue CPA platform, a well-known multi-awarded affiliate network. In my opinion it’s a good way to start monetizing your porn site. CrakRevenue has a user-friendly interface that is really easy to handle even for newbies.

The multiple and various offers are definitely the main advantage of CrakRevenue. They have multiple verticals and payout types and you can find interesting offers for almost every niche.

You can apply to become a CrakRevenue affiliate here:
Once you’ve been accepted by the platform you can use all of their tools to start making money.

As a porn site webmaster, ads banners are unavoidable. It will be the first thing that your visitors will see and it’s the best way to redirect your targeted audience to a good mature offer.

1st step: We are looking for a MILF offer

MILF offer
MILF offer

You can pick up precisely which niche you want to promote.

2nd step: Let’s choose a payout type option

Payout type option
Payout type option

In this example, we are going to choose the PPS (Pay-per-Sale). With this payout option, you earn money once a visitor purchases the product or service promoted. PPS usually converts less than Pay-per-lead or Revshare offers but the payout is more interesting.

PPS (Pay-Per-Sale)
PPS (Pay-Per-Sale)

The first offer “Real Mom Exposed” adult VOD Paysite. You will get $30 for every single visitor that purchases a full video on their site.

Last step: Grab the ads banners and place it in your theme

Ads banners
Grab the ads banners

You can filter by size, language, ratings and formats. WP-Script Themes offer various types of ad placement, from square creative to horizontal banners.

Nothing more simple to add the banners into your theme. Click on the banner you want -> “copy code” and copy the banner code displayed.

Then paste this banner code in the advertisement section.

Avertising zones theme options
Avertising zones in the theme options

Save changes and BOOM! Your banners are well displayed on your stunning milf niche tube site. You can now start earning money.

MILF niche tube
MILF niche tube


We saw that saturation has became the main issue in adult industry but that there is still lof of money to make if you do the right choice. And it starts with niches. Take your time to choose wisely then focus on your niche tube to improve it, to provide quality content to your audience, to always work on title, descriptions and everything that you can transform into something unique never seen elsewhere.

Once one of your niche site is well established, you have just one thing to do : scale to multiple niches and create your own niche porn sites network.