Youtube Mass Videos Importer

Mass import thousands of Youtube Videos in minutes!

Youtube Mass Videos Importer


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  • Mass Import Youtube videos

    Grab thousands of Youtube videos in your WordPress site in two clicks.

  • Two results display modes

    Switch between cards view or list view according to your preferences.

  • Intuitive Options System

    Simply configure some options in order to start using the plugin.

  • Manual endless pagination

    Load more and more videos from a search with a single click.

  • Themes Compatible

    The plugin is 100% compatible with WP-Script Themes and any WP themes.

  • Smart Import Features

    Search for some keywords, choose a WP category and grab videos!

  • Youtube filters

    Find Youtube videos by upload date, duration, features and more.

  • Import what you want

    Check any video and each part you want to import (title, description, duration, tags, features).

  • Change content on the Fly

    Change titles, descriptions, tags, actors before importing videos.

  • Preview videos

    Watch any Youtube video before importing it.

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