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How to make money with Pornhub affiliate program (Outdated)

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How to make money with Pornhub and HubTraffic

This article is no longer relevant because HubTraffic has been closed for several years already.

You can read our guide How to Monetize An Adult Tube Site – The ultimate guide in 2023. This guide is way more relevant to monetize your adult site.

Original article, for posterity…

“Is it possible to do money with a porn tube” is a very recurring question. The answer is simple: Yes. One mistake to avoid is to think that getting traffic is the very last step to reach. Actually, it’s also important to set up an effective monetization. As with choosing a relevant niche, the way you will earn money must be planned wisely.

You can find multiple methods to monetize a porn tube. But in this article, we will focus on the most easiest way to make money with an adult tube: earn money by redirecting your traffic.

If you don’t want to lose your time setting up some ads and test it, then this article is for you.

In this guide you will explore step-by-step:

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HubTraffic: The Pornhub affiliate program

HubTraffic: The Pornhub affiliate program
HubTraffic: The Pornhub affiliate program

HubTraffic is the affiliate program of Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, Xtube, Keezmovies, Tube8, Spankwire and ExtremeTube.

This is the less time-consuming option to monetize your audience. The process is very simple. You drive your traffic to one of their partners and you get paid for that. The more visitors you send, the more money you earn.

The term partners will be used many times so let’s be clear about the definition. In this case, HubTraffic partners or sponsors refers to the tubes owned by the Hub. You will get paid whether you redirect to YouPorn, PornHub or any other HubTraffic sites.

How does Pornhub affiliate program works

First, you have to go to HubTraffic to sign up and verify your domain. This will help to track the traffic and the conversions. Also you will get the access to the free tools to promote the network.

There are two ways to send your visitors to one of HubTraffic partners:

  • Through the video player
  • With CTA tools

These 2 ways are not options. We recommend you to do both to maximize your profits.

Earn money with video players

Redirect visitors to PornHub
Redirect visitors to PornHub

With this option, the visitor who clicks on the video player will be redirected to the partner’s tube.

For this method, you’ll need to embed hundreds of videos and rewrite their content to rank high in Google searches. You can choose to use HubTraffic content tools or save a lot of time with WPS Mass Embedder.

Our embedder allows you to important many videos at once from different tubes. Also, you don’t need to go to your WordPress admin to rewrite the content. You can do it directly after the import.

WPS Mass Embedder is simple to set up, check it out.

CTA Banners

HubTraffic has many creative ads banners and widgets to push your visitors to click on it. All these banners can be placed on ads slots in your theme. Every visitors who will click on a banner will be redirected to the tube site.

Video ads slots
Video ads slots

How to make money with Pornhub affiliate program ?

You will often read that HubTraffic pays you 1$ per 1000 visitors. Actually it’s a little bit more subtile. Keep in mind that you will get paid for the unique visitors you send them. For instance, if one of your visitor clicks on a video ad banner, he will get redirected to the tube.

Once he got redirected he is considered as one unique visitor during 24 hours. As a result, he won’t be considered as a new visitor by Hubtraffic if he comes back to the site the day.

About the payout

Like many affiliate networks, Hubtraffic has a tier countries payout system. The payout you will get per 1000 visitors depends on the geo quality traffic. You can earn up to $3,65 for Tier 1 countries (the most profitable ones) and less to $0,4 for the low-tiers countries.

Here is a sample of the payout board:

Tier countries
Tier countries

You can find the whole payout grid directly in the HubTraffic FAQ section.

The pros & cons of HubTraffic monetization


  • Easy to setup
  • HubTraffic gives you many ads tools
  • You don’t waste your time trying multiple ads offers


  • Not made for those who have a long-term plan
  • You’ll need a lot of traffic to get at least a minimum revenue

How to create a porn tube like PornHub


In this article we learned how Hubtraffic works and how you can earn money from this method. I’m sure many of you would like to dive into this business right now but don’t have a porn tube yet.
Of course, you can go to outsourcing platform like Upwork or Fiverr and hire a freelancer to do it for you. But it will cost you around $200-500 if you want something that runs well. Furthermore, you won’t be able to modify anything on your theme for free without paying the man again.

That’s why we developed FamousTube, the adult WordPress theme which allows you to create your own PornHub tube site.

FamousTube demo
FamousTube demo

If you go for HubTraffic payout system, it will be a plus if your porn tube looks like PornHub.

FamousTube the PornHub design entirely. Colors, ads locations, numbers of videos per row, typography. You can even change the background color if you want a lightly different tube.

All the theme options can be modified directly in the WordPress customizer. Thus, you can directly see how the changes will apply.

Last but not least, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make a custom PornHub logo. Just go to Famoustube WordPress customizer -> logotype -> type your tube name to get your logo. BOOM ! Now you have your own logo on your own PornHub site like.

Now you got all the tools to make money with HubTraffic!

Logo customizer
Create a logo like PornHub in 1 click