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More infos about PornTube Adult Tube

Grab videos from PornTube tube. Don't forget to verify your domains at so they can track your incoming traffic.

Can PornTube videos be played on mobile?

Yes, videos from PornTube can be read on every support: mobile, tablet and desktop.

What player is used to play PornTube videos?

PornTube is a Tube, it means you can only play their videos with PornTube embed player.

Is there any redirection on mobile?

No, there is no redirection when you play a PornTube video on mobile.

Are PornTube videos HTTPS ready?

Yes, videos from PornTube can be played on HTTPS sites.

Does PornTube offer several thumbnails for rotation on mouse hover?

No, only one main thumb can be grabbed with PornTube tube partner.

Straight, gay or shemale videos with PornTube?

You can grab straight & gay & shemale porn videos with PornTube tube partner.

How to make money with PornTube?

Their webmaster affiliate program is based on the traffic sent. You can get commissions by redirecting visitors to PornTube tube site (up to $1.6 per 1000 visitors). You can easily do it by using their embed player. Save time and mass import several PornTube videos by using Mass PornTube Videos Embedder WordPress Plugin

The payouts are processed on the 1st and 16th of each month. If those days fall on a weekend or national holiday, the payouts will be processed on the nearest working day. There is a 2 week delay in payouts. (Ie. traffic sent in period of 1-15 January would get paid on February 1st).

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