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Can PornTube videos be played on mobile?

No, videos from PornTube can't be played on mobile nor tablet, only desktop.

What player is used to play PornTube videos?

PornTube is a XBiz Sponsor, you can play their mp4 videos with your own player.

Is there any redirection on mobile?

No, there is no redirection when you play a PornTube video on mobile.

Are PornTube videos HTTPS ready?

No, videos from PornTube cannot be played on HTTPS sites.

Does PornTube offer several thumbnails for rotation on mouse hover?

No, only one main thumb can be grabbed with PornTube partner.

Straight, gay or shemale videos with PornTube?

You can grab porn videos with PornTube partner.

How to make money with PornTube?

There is no affiliate program for webmasters with PornTube partner, only video content for your site.

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