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How to Insert Adult Tube Iframes in WordPress

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how to insert adult tube iframes in wordpress

How to deal with Ads and redirects in Adult Tube Iframes

More and more of you are asking us why there are redirects or ads on the iframes of your favorite porn tubes. And above all, how to remove them.

This comprehensive guide has been written with the goal of explaining everything you need to know about iframes as well as redirects and embedded ads.

This guide answers the following questions you may ask yourself:

  1. How to insert a video from a tube on my site?
  2. How does a video iframe work?
  3. What is the counterpart of iframes?
  4. What is the transformation of iframes?
  5. Is it still relevant to work with iframes?
  6. What are the alternatives to iframes?

1. How to insert a video from a tube on my site?

Hits are huge sites that have thousands, if not millions of videos.

These sites offer several ways to share their videos:

  • Share the direct link to the video page
  • Share the video on social networks
  • Copy / paste the embed code to display the videos on its own

It is this last case that interests us. It is indeed possible to display a video from a tube very easily on your website.

3 steps to integrate a video from a tube site to your own site:

  1. Go to the page of the video you want
  2. Copy the embed code
  3. Paste the embed code on your site

And There you go! The video is displayed on your site. It’s as simple as that.

2. How does a video iframe work?

Let’s do a quick technical update to understand what happens when we get the video from a tube.

In the embed code that we copy, we distinguish an HTML <iframe> tag.

The HTML Inline Frame element (<iframe>) represents a nested browsing context, embedding another HTML page into the current one.

In other words, when you paste the code from an iframe on your site, it’s like looking at another web page through a window on your own site.

An iframe also has the height and width properties to define the size of this window on your site.

Let us transpose this explanation in the case of the video coming from a Tube.
What you want on your site is a window that shows the video you want.

We find the url of this video page in the “src” attribute of the iframe. Try to go over it, you will understand: link of the video.

Important: The url of this video is different from the url of the video on the tube. It is dedicated to displaying video in an iframe only.

To summarize, pasting the embed code of a tube video on your site is like creating a window to this video. But this video remains well and truly hosted on the Tube server.

Nothing is uploaded to your server. So you save space as well as bandwidth when your visitors watch the video.

3. What is the counterpart of iframes?

By extrapolating everything we have seen so far, we can deduce that:

  1. You can grab as many videos as you want from any tube that offers an embed code (99% of them offer it)
  2. You don’t pay anything. The videos are hosted and played on the tubes’ video streaming servers

Is it legal? Yes 100% because it is the tubes themselves which provide the embed code.

So what is the counterpart? On the internet, nothing is really free despite appearances.
The tubes offer you the possibility of displaying their videos on your site without it costing you anything.

In return, they can:

  • Display advertising in the iframe
  • Redirect clicks on the video to their site

Remember that the iframe is just a window on a page controlled by the Tube. The HTML code on this page does contain the video, but it can also contain code to display advertising or code to redirect visitors.

4. What is the transformation of iframes?

What’s exciting about the web is that it’s almost always possible to get around what doesn’t suit us. Indeed, having the iframes of the tube videos is good, but having them without the ads or redirects is even better!

How is this technically possible? You just need to reverse engineer. It is necessary:

  1. Scrape the content of the page containing the video. That is, get the source code of the video page.
  2. Find the url of the video in mp4 format in the scrapped content.

We then have the url of the original video, which we can display instead of the iframe, in a <video> tag. This is just the video and nothing but the video. No redirects or integrated advertising.

Don’t you understand everything? It does not matter. Just remember this:
It is theoretically possible to retrieve the url of the video mp4 file from its iframe. THEORETICALLY.

Some video players, including WPS Player, have at one time incorporated this functionality. It only worked for a handful of tubes. But that is completely over now for the simple reason that it is illegal.

The tubes make all their videos available to you. They host them and pay for the bandwidth when the videos are watched on your own site. They do everything to ensure that we can no longer retrieve the url of the mp4 file of the videos. But that’s normal, isn’t it?

In summary, it is:

  • Legal to display the embed code of the iframe provided by the tubes.
  • Illegal to get mp4 from this iframe to avoid getting ads or redirects.

5. Why is it always necessary to work with iframes?

One may wonder why continue to retrieve the embed code from the tubes. If it’s to get their ads or redirect traffic to the original tube, what’s the point?

If you want to start your own tube to make money, you will need content, videos. Unless you are a producer, you will not have one under your belt.

The tubes have millions of videos sorted by categories and keywords. They took years to get this original content. And they allow you to use it for free thanks to iframes.

Be aware that you will never be able to compete with the big tubes. But you have an advantage over them!
All of these tubes are generalist sites. They offer videos in all categories.

Your strength is being able to offer specific content in a niche. Your site will become a reference in this niche with Google. All you need to do then is display your own video advertising banners on your site to monetize your new niche traffic!