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5 tips to increase your adult tube site traffic by 500%

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5 tips to increase your adult tube site traffic by 500%

Starting and scaling an Adult tube site is one of the most profitable business models online in 2018.

One of my newest tube site is getting almost 200,000 visitors/month (90% organic) and within 4 months this one has started making me $700-1000/month.

Adult tube traffic statistics

Adult tube sites are a fantastic way to generate passive income.

I have tube sites that make $4k-6K/ month, that too on autopilot.

But all this is possible if you have enormous traffic.

Since the primary monetization channel for any tube site is Advertisements, so the more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

One of my sites is generating around $1K/month and that one is getting around 10,000-15,000 visitors/Day. Don’t worry driving that kind of traffic is not that difficult when we are talking about tube sites.

I know sites that are driving 300,000 visitors/day, and they are making a killing.

So how do you drive such kind of traffic?

Well the answer is SEO (search engine optimization).
You would want to drive organic traffic to your site. Now I drive 70-90% of my traffic through the organic channel.

So today I will share with you 5 tips on driving enormous organic traffic for your tube site as well.

1. Tags page

If you check xvideos.com or pornhub.com or any other popular the site, you will see that the tags pages get the most love from Google.

The reason being that the keywords for tags pages have high search volume.

Here is an image to show you:

Keywords high search volume

So if you are building backlinks for your tube site, then you should focus on your tags pages instead of making backlinks for all your post or just your homepage.

2. Fast hosting

Now tube sites are known for driving an enormous amount of traffic.

Now the advertisement rates for adult tube sites are much lower compared to that of a non-adult ad network like Adsense.

This is why we have to play on the scale of traffic. With enormous traffic, even with low advertising rates, we are still able to make good money.

Now to handle such high traffic you need high-quality adult friendly hosting that can handle such gigantic traffic. With enormous I mean 20,000-50,000 visitors/day

If you are starting, then a shared hosting will be fine.

But once you scale and you start driving more and more traffic, you will need to shift from shared hosting to a VPS for fast performance.

3. On-page SEO is extremely important

Now building high-quality backlinks for tube sites is extremely difficult as no one wants to link to an adult tube site.

So on-page SEO will come to the rescue.

Now since SEO competition is not that great in adult tube sites (coz building backlinks is difficult for everyone), you can improve the on-page SEO of your website, and you will quickly start driving traffic without many backlinks as well.

What are the key elements of on-page SEO:

  1. Adding your main keyword in the title of your video
  2. Adding relevant tags to the video. Using the primary tags of your site repeatedly on the right videos to increase the probability of your tags page being ranked
  3. Adding a 100-300 words description along with each video while adding few related keywords in it. This will significantly help in getting your video ranked as not many people are doing this step
  4. Adding high-quality videos so that people love your site and spend much more time on your site compared to your competitors. This way Google will reward your site with better rankings
  5. Bounce rate and pages/visit metric: Google takes user signals a lot these days. So the more love your visitors shows your site, the better organic rankings you will get. So make sure people spend a lot of time on your site by showing them relevant videos, and also increase your pageviews/visit metric by showing them related videos

Forget about creating high-quality backlinks for adult tube sites.

No one will link to you if you are a new site.

But the best part is that even with fewer backlinks, you can easily get your website ranked.

Here are few pointers before you start making backlinks:

  1. Be patient: it’s not a sprint instead of a marathon
  2. Focus on quality and not quantity: 1 high-quality backlink is 100 times more powerful than 100 low-quality links
  3. Don’t buy backlinks: I see so many people going to fiverr.com and seoclerks.com and directly buying backlinks. They end up hurting their site or getting penalized. So you have to understand there is no quick way to create backlinks
  4. Don’t do blackhat ways: Again, I will stress this point that there is no shortcut when it comes to link building. So just focus on the whitehat ways of link building

Here are few strategies for building backlinks for your tube sites the right way:

  1. Relevancy is critical: So if your website is about blowjob, then target your backlinks to come from blowjob related sites
  2. Check domain authority: A backlink coming from DA of 80 is much more power than backlinks coming from a DA of 5 or 10
  3. Number of referring domain: Instead of building 100 links form a single domain name, build 100 links from 100 different domain names. The more the number of referring domains you have the better

5. Keywords

Since you are targeting search engine traffic, you must download the list of all the keywords that are directly relate to the niche of your site.

I use and recommend ahrefs for this.

Just copy paste the domain name of your competitors in ahrefs and then go to organic keywords part. Click on export, and you will be able to download the list of all the keywords for which your competition is ranking.

Do this for 3-5 sites, and you will have a comprehensive list of all the keywords for your niche. Remove the duplicates.

This was an overview of how you can also increase organic traffic of your tube site.

If you still have any question, then you can email me at contact@makemoneyadultcontent.com. I read all my emails and will be quick to reply 🙂