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Themes Activation Guide

1. How to connect WP-Script theme on my site

When you buy a WP-Script theme, you have to connect it on your site.

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel on your site
  2. Navigate to the WP-Script dashboard page
    • WP-Script Core must be installed
    • Your license key must be activated
  3. Scroll down to te the theme you want to connect
    • You must have bought the theme
  4. Click on the “Connect” green button
    • This step will connect, install and activate the theme on your site.
    • The number of sites on which you can activate the theme is reduced by 1 (unless you have unlimited plan)

2. How to disconnect WP-Script themes from my site

In some cases, you will want to change the site where your theme is connected. This may happen in the following situations:

  • You need to change your domain name
  • You have made some tests on a localhost server and you want to go to production
  • You don’t need this theme on a domain anymore for any other reason

You can then disconnect WP-Script theme from your site at any time. Then you will be able to connect it again on a new site.

To disconnect a theme, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WP-Script.com account page
  2. Scroll down to the theme you want to disconnect
  3. Click on “Show sites”
  4. Click on the red cross next to the domain from which you want to disconnect the theme
    • The number of sites on which you can activate the theme is increased by 1 (unless you have unlimited plan).
    • You can then activate the theme on any other domain you want by following the plugin connection steps.
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