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WPS Player overview

Posted on January 20, 2020 in WP-Script News

What does WPS Player do?

Play MP4 files

WPS Player is mainly a html4 video player that will play any mp4/hls/ogg hosted file or hotlinked video file.

It finds mp4/hls/ogg links included in a custom post metas and play them thanks to FluidPlayer instead of the native WordPress video player, adding some nice features not provided by WordPress by default.

  • Pre-Roll in stream ads
  • Mid-Roll in stream ads with a timer to set when the ad will start
  • Ad slots to add ads over the video before playing the video
  • Ad slots to add ads over the video when pausing the video
  • Ad solt to add ads under the video
  • Quality switcher when there are multiple videos qualities defined (available with HLS files)

All those feature are 100% available with self hosted videos and hotlinked mp4/hls/ogg files.

Iframes features

If you don’t use mp4/hls/ogg files but iframes, you’ll be able to use those features:

  • Ad slots to add ads over the video before playing the video
  • Ad solt to add ads under the video

Those 2 features will work even with Tubes iframes (see below)

Tubes Iframes transformation

WPS Player used to be known as Clean Tube Player. This previous version was made to transform iframes from tubes.

Even if this feature can work is some rare cases, WPS Player tend not to transform those iframes anymore because of bandwidth stealth complaints from those tubes. We keep the transformation options but they are unstable and not supported anymore.

WPS Player known issues and futures updates

Tubes ads and redirections

You may still be using WPS Player to transform Tubes iframes. In the case it doesn’t work, or if you deactivated the transformation in the plugin options, those iframes will fall back to their default behaviour. Some of those iframes will redirect your traffic to the original tube video on desktop and/or mobile.

In fact, this is how it has to be done: You use Tubes videos for free on your site, and you send them trafic in exchange. But you can monetize this trafic! You just have to subscribe to the Hub Traffic affiliation program. They don’t pay that much for all the trafic you can send to them. But don’t forget that you can also add some ads on your site, even over and under their iframes thanks to the WPS Player.

Broken visual

Important: This issue can occures after an update. So be sure you clear all caches. This will fix the issue in 90% of cases.

You can also get some CSS issues. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of the WPS Player. This can occures because the player is currently added right into the DOM of the page and will inherit all your theme CSS style. We’ll change this to load the player in a dedicated iframe to encapsulate its own CSS and prevent any CSS collision.