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WP-Script – The brand new version

We have been working on a new version of WP-Script for months. We have redesigned our whole business. We have been working on our WordPress Tube Theme and Grabber Plugin. We have enhenced our shop.

In one word, we have prepared the future of WP-Script as a whole. Let see in detail what we have been working on and what it will change for you as a customer.

If you don’t have the Core plugin installed on your site, you are an “old customer”. So please read the note bellow.

Note to our “old customers”

At first we would like to thank you for your trust. You know that we work hard to bring you the best solution ever!

If you bought WP-Script Tube Theme or WP-Script Videos Grabber Plugin, you have access to the new Adult Mass Videos Embedder / Adult Mass Videos Grabber and the new Adult Tube Theme – RetroTube for unlimited sites!

We have released a free Fixer plugin that will allow you to switch to our new products the easiest possible way. You can download the Fixer plugin and install it or install it directly from the Core plugin. In both cases, you need to install the Core Plugin.

The Fixer let you scan your posts and your saved feeds to update them. Updating posts will prevent any duplicate videos when importing new ones. Updating saved feeds will allow you to see them in the new plugin (Adult Mass Videos Embedder for all Tubes feeds and Adult Mass Videos Grabber for all XBiz Sponsors).

What’s new

1. A new testing platform

We wanted to stop the free and limited versions of our products. It also required that you have your own web hosting.

You’ll be able to test all our products with an easier and cheaper way. We’ll release a new dedicated plateform very soon. This plateform will allow you to test all our products for free.

2. Some new plans to grow your business step by step

All our Themes and Plugins are now available for 1 site / 5 sites / Unlimited sites. This feature let you buy them for a lower price when you start your business.

As your business grows, you’ll be able to upgrade your plan by only paying the difference. We are very happy to be able to offer you this new feature!

3. A new Plugin – WP-Script Core

A brand new Core plugin has been developed. This is the one and only plugin you have to download. It allows you to manage all WP-Script products on your site:

  • see all available and coming soon products
  • buy products
  • connect products (product connexion let you associate a site to a product you bought as you can buy a product for 1 site / 5 sites / Unlimited sites)
  • activate / deactivate products (as the native WordPress plugin manager let you do)
  • update products (idem)

This Core plugin has some very useful embedded features:

  • it’s own log system to help us help you!
  • it’s own requirement system to help you to know if the WP-Script products will work on your web server before you even install them
  • it’s own options system, easy to use and powerfull as hell, used by all WP-Script plugins and themes

4. An other new Plugin – Adult Mass Videos Embedder

Adult Mass Videos Embeddder plugin replaces WP-Script Grabber Plugin.

It allows you get videos informations and embedded codes from +50 Tubes like Pornhub, Redtube, Xhamster, Xvideos, Youporn in minutes!

Unlike WP-Script Grabber Plugin, it doesn’t includes the X-Biz Sponsors. They will be released in an other plugin because the video integration are quite different than Tubes videos integration.

If you have bought WP-Script Grabber Plugin, you have access to Adult Mass Videos Embedder plugin for unlimited sites and for free (you can connect this product on your site without buying it before). You’ll have the same access to the new plugin including the X-Biz Sponsors.

Tip: Use it with RetroTube Theme to rock as hell!

5. A new Adult Tube Theme – RetroTube

RetroTube Theme replaces Wp-Script Tube Theme.

It looks like Wp-Script Tube Theme but it’s faster (no more use of CSS framework) and more stable.

The design has been improved. You’ll be able to customize it using a brand new powerful options system, including some new features to save your time.

Tip: Use it with Adult Mass Videos Embeddder to rock as hell!

What’s coming soon

We have done a lot of work to bring you this new version. But this is just the first step to what will become WP-Script! We are already working on these features:

  • a brand new account that will allow you to see and manage all your domains connected to your products
  • a brand new blog
  • new adult and mainstream plugins to offer you a complete solution and save you even more time
  • new adult and mainstream themes (videos themes in a first time and others themes in a second time)
  • and of course some updates for existing products (including an alternative cron job feature for videos auto-import – we promise!)

The last word

Thank you for reading!

We hope all this work will help you grow your business.

Do not hesistate to follow us on Twitter to be aware of our latest news.

62 thoughts on “WP-Script – The brand new version

    1. Thank you for your interest in our products! For the moment, all the products that will be presented on WP-Script are developed by WP-Script Team. But maybe in the future… 😉

  1. Dear Sebastien

    Thanks for great effort, appreciated. it looks amazing.

    Hope you can consider the below suggestions as they really affect the work quality:

    1. i hope you create a system to trace an issue as soon it appears , for example recently i could not download movies from “Royal Cash” , it is giving an error

    2. another issue with “PartnerCash ” it has an issue with loading the text and video timing remain zero always , and can not click on the photo to amend the ALT details.

    3. providers delete many movies daily and we found later on that lots of videos are not working on our sites which can give a bad impact and affect the quality of our content, it is really need it to control when the videos are off from the providers.

    4. increase views / likes for videos, it is really important for marketing purpose

    thanks a lot sir

    1. Thank you for these great suggestions!

      1. You’re right and we are working on it. The tool will parse every day each source to detect eventual issues.

      2. Thank you for the return, we will check it and fix it as soon as possible.

      3. We are working on a solution for it. Meanwhile I think we will integrate a “broken video” link in the theme to allow visitors to send you an email when a video is deleted by the provider.

      4. We are working on a data booster plugin which will do the job. We do our best to release it quickly!

  2. Hi Sebastien!

    Keep up the great work! I am loving the plugin and theme!

    Mind if I make some suggestions?

    – I personally would like to see more fetish like sponsors for stuff like feet (this one is big), legs and other fetishes
    -Would be great if you could develop something that deletes videos on my site if the the sponsor removes the video from their site. Last thing any of us want is a bunch of videos on our sites that goes to dead links.
    -In the video grabber, I would like the ability to search a specific category from the sponsor. For example, if my sponsor has a “Feet” category, I would like to select “Feet” AND search for “Mature Feet” in the “Feet” category. Right now we can only select a category OR search via keyword.

    Keep up the good work Sebastien! I love this plugin and theme! You rock man!

  3. Dear Sebastien,

    1) In May 2017 bought it for €99 euro WP-Script Grabber Plugin Pro for 1 site + WP-Script Tube Theme Pro for 1 site, now i will be forced to buy again Adult Mass Videos Embedder for 1 site + Retro Tube for 1 site ?

    2) With WP-Script i have already embedded tens of thousands of only Tube videos (no X-Biz Sponsors), if i will use the new plugin i’ll lose everything or is possible import the data of the already uploaded videos into new system ?

    Thanks in advance for the support.

    1. Hi,

      1) You’ll get access to RetroTube Theme, Adult Mass Videos Embedder AND the next Adult Masse Videos Grabber very soon for free
      2) We’re going to release a free Fixer plugin that will allow you to switch from old to new WP-Sript products

  4. Dear Sebastien,

    WP-Script Grabber Plugin Pro and WP-Script Tube Theme Pro they will no longer receive updates because they are no longer supported and at the end of the EOL lifecycle ?

    Thanks in advance for the support.

    1. Yes WP-Script Tube Theme Pro and WP-Script Videos Grabber plugin won’t be longer supported and are at the end of their life.

      BUT… they are both replaced by new products that do the same.

      WP-Script Tube Theme Pro is replaced by RetroTube Theme. WP-Script Videos Grabber plugin is replaced by Adult Mass Videos Embedder (including Tubes) and the next to come Adult Mass Videos Grabber (including X-Biz sponsors)

  5. Awesome work!!
    You should consider yourself adding a a function to spintax titles and descriptions . Or to rewrite them. That would be great!

  6. Hello!!!

    First off, awesome job, the demos look great, speeds are strong. Can’t wait to start using. One thing I do want to ask is that will there be an option to upload videos based on length of scenes?

    1. Thank you!

      When you talk about upoading, are you talking about real uploads or when getting videos informations via the plugin? In this case we should be abole to add some length filter yes, good idea 😉

  7. Hello,

    do existing clients of WP-Script Grabber Plugin Pro Features and WP-Script Tube Theme Pro Features need to buy the new plugin/theme or are we going to get a free-upgrade to the new script and theme?

  8. I am a client, will I remain in the air?
    I suppose I can make use of those two new products without having to pay another $100 again.

    1. No. “If you bought WP-Script Tube Theme or WP-Script Videos Grabber Plugin, you will get a plan for the new Adult Mass Videos Embedder and the new Adult Tube Theme – RetroTube for unimited sites!”

  9. Hi,

    Please add the feature that allows you to not download or import the images but only the image embedding link for Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder and for Adult XBiz Sponsors Mass Videos Grabber (function that was already present in the old WP-Script).

    Thanks in advance for the support !

    1. Hi, no we don’t want to add this feature. We have removed it because it was confusing to have two differents ways to display thumbs and it’s better for SEO to get the thumbnails downloaded and resized on your server.

      1. Hi, i’m sorry, because it was very useful for those who would choose not to import on their website any image.

        Also because not importing any image on the website you avoid legal woes if the images were not in compliance with the law regarding the permissions of publishers portrayed in the images.

        Additionally, WordPress for each imported image creates at least six other resized images, and if one imports thousands of videos, it will have problems with the server relative to the INODES (in practice, a record corresponds to the number of files and directories) that are almost always limited to shared hosting and however, if they are too much slow down the performance of the website, as well as consuming unnecessarily space on the SSD / HDD.

        I’m sorry but I disagree with your choice and I think it was a very useful feature and you could leave your choice to customers if you use it or not.

        Thanks in advance for the support.

  10. Thanks for adding the option to download or not the main thumb of imported videos on:

    – WP-Script Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder;
    – WP-Script Adult XBiz Sponsors Mass Videos Grabber;
    – WP-Script Youtube Mass Videos Importer.

    Very very good, fast and professional support.

    You are the best !


  11. Hey Sebastian, When will there be a direct download available for the youtube plugin in the accounts. I have purchased the plugins in the past and am just very excited to get things rolling.

      1. Hello, I am excited to start using the New – YouTube Mass Importer. It has not been added to my account for download. The plugin was purchased and listed here – My invoice number is invoice_WS_27820. I was asked to remind of this in an email from Sebastian on July 10

  12. Are we (old customers) ready? Should start downloading and installing new theme and plugin(s)? I installed the Core but haven’t run it yet. I’ll test it but wanted the official yes / no

    For people dealing with wordpress duplicate images stick the first line in wp-config:
    define(‘IMAGE_EDIT_OVERWRITE’, true);

    define(‘MEDIA_TRASH’, true );

    define(‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 1);

    I use the trash rules but that’s up to you and your sever

    1. Hi,

      Yes you can upgrade your products now. They are available in your WP-Script account, or connectable directly via WP-Script Core plugin after installing it on your site.

      You can install the free Fixer plugin (only available via the WP-Script Core plugin) that will allow you to update old saved feeds (to see them in the new import plugins) and old imported posts (to prevent duplicate posts when importing new videos)

  13. Hi,

    In the RetroTube and KingTube theme (and also in all the other theme that you will launch) you can add the option to have the color logo in the footer and not just in black and white.

    Thanks in advance for the support.

  14. Hi,

    In the Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder, Adult XBiz Sponsors Mass Videos Grabber and on Youtube Mass Videos Importer (and also in all the other plugin that you will launch) you can rise the option to autoimport videos to a max 120 videos (at the moment the maximum is 50).

    Thanks in advance for the support.

  15. Hi,

    In the Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder, Adult XBiz Sponsors Mass Videos Grabber and on Youtube Mass Videos Importer (and also in all the other plugin that you will launch) you can add an update summary page of all the self-imported cron videos that have been successful and those that have not been successful, with the number of imported videos, with a summary on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis and relatives categories.

    Thanks in advance for the support.

  16. As far as I know this: Paste your affiliate ID from SeeMyBucks (eg: MjQwMDIzOC4xLjQuNC4wLjAuMC4wLjA) when configuring SeeMyBucks is not the way to go. I use my affiliate user name and the tracking url (under video) directs to the correct sites

  17. I really like wp-script but I would like to know if in the future instead of showing the player of the original page there would be the possibility of having a player of your own to keep the visits and avoid them going to the original pages

  18. Hi thank you for this great work just pre sales question,can I use your script for website no adult I mean for education video from YouTube or other site and I want use retro tube themes it’s possible?

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