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Lee asked 4 months ago

Great script! My idea would be to put specific ads in categories.
i.e. when a visitor is looking at the teen category, they will see ads for teen sites or somebody in the MILF category will see ads for MILF niche.
A built in title spinner would be nice too 😉

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Support WP-Script Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Lee, thank you for this suggestion!

We are working on an add-on named “Auto-Ads” which will display targeted banners on single video pages. For example if a visitor is watching an asian Sextronix video, there will be asian Sextronix banners displayed on the page.

So I think we will be able to integrate this feature for category page too.

Concerning the spinner we also are working on it 😉

noppon replied 4 months ago


Lee answered 4 months ago

That’s great news. Many thanks.

adultie answered 2 weeks ago

4 months ago, is this already installed?

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