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Gain traffic and get money

Posted on April 8, 2019 by WP-Script Team in SEO

3 gold rules: no duplicate, great SEO, fast site.

Avoid duplicated content

You must have unqiue text content in order to be seen by Google. You will be drowned in the mass if you don’t rewrite titles and descriptions into a unique content that suits your audience. If there’s nod escription, watch the video quickly and write in one.

Yes, this work is boring but absolutely necessary if you want to stand out and generate quality traffic. Lucky you, the Adult Tubes Mass Videos plugin you just bought allows you to edit your videos easily :

You can also do it after the import. Just go to your Wordpress posts and edit it as you usuallly do and save the post.

Improve your SEO

Our themes are SEO ready and compatible with Yoast SEO plugin.

This plugin helps you to get a solid toolset in order to aim a better spot in the search results. For example, it can tell you that a keyword must be present in your video description for it to be effective.

Have a fast site !

The faster your site is, the better Google will like your site and the more likely you are to keep your visitors.

We therefore advise you to use cache plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. They will help you greatly improve the speed of navigation on your site.

...Earn money !

What we want here, is to do tons of money without leaving our chair right ? Here’s how.

Affiliate marketing is definitely the easiest and surest way to earn money with porn.

You may have found it difficult to understand exactly what it means, for every blog or tutorial assumes that everybody is well acquainted with this method.

For those won’t are not quite sure what adult affiliate programs are, let’s take a look at the actors :

The sponsor

The sponsor : he is the one providing the product, be it a premium website, a penis-enlarging medicine, sextoys, DVDs or a date. He gives you a link and you earn a commission each time a consumer follow it and purchase an object or a service.

The publisher

The publisher : in our case, it is you. The publisher is charged with displaying advertisement for the sponsor, and do what he can to ensure that it will generate clicks – and hence, money. To make sure this will be profitable, he has to make sure his website gets an important traffic, and that the ads are visible enough for consumers to notice them.

The consumer

The consumer : the surfer is your target. He is the one you need to convince to click on your sponsor’s ad so he can purchase his product or subscribe to his offer. You will get paid for each transaction going through your porn site.

In other words...

The publisher

You create a niched site with quality content and sponsor ads...

The consumer

...to generate lot of traffic that will click on ads...

The sponsor

...you earn a commission on each product bought by one of your visitor.

Display Ads from Adult Advertising Networks

Here is a list of the top 6 influential adult ad networks for 2018 :

  • Ero-Advertising
  • TrafficJunky
  • ExoClick
  • JuicyAds
  • TrafficForce
  • TrafficFactory

Let's take an example with Exoclick. Go to your account, create a campaign and copy the generated code:

Exoclick code

Now you just have to paste the code in one of the advertising areas offered by our themes. In this example I have choosed a 300x250 banner, so the right place is the sidebar :

Paste the banner code in the theme options

Save options and the banner will be displayed automatically in the sidebar of your site.

Send traffic to the biggest tubes


Big porn sites like Pornhub actually encourage you to feature their videos on your website provided that you bring up traffic to their network. For example with tubes from Hub network (Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, etc.), they pay you up to $3.5 per one thousand visitors: HubTraffic