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Getting Started

A complete introduction to WPS Player, the most powerful video player for WordPress.

WPS Player Preview
WPS Player Preview

Table of content

1. How to use WPS Player?

WP-Script Player is a WordPress plugin that brings to your site the most powerful WordPress video player on the market.

So basically, you only need a website running WordPress.

1. Installation

WPS Player can be installed like any other WP-Script plugin.

Check out how to install, activate and update a WP-Script plugin.

Once you have installed WPS Player, it will automatically replace the native WordPress video player on your site.

2. Themes Compatibility

WPS Player works with any WordPress theme, including:

2. WPS Player features overview

1. Main features

WPS Player finds any video in your content and uses its own video player to render it.

  • The player is responsive. So your videos will fit perfectly inside your site on mobile and desktop.
  • No CSS style can alter the player. Therefore videos are perfectly rendered in any situation.
  • The player can render vertical videos by adding black background automatically.
  • The player can embed your own ads.
  • You can customize the player with your own colors and logo.
  • The player can even render video iframes from any adult tubes or youtube like site.

2. Common video player features

WPS Player offers all features that every good player can offer:

  • 16/9 video format
  • Play/Pause buttons
  • Autoplay videos
  • Timeline seeker
  • Sound mute/volume slider
  • Video duration
  • Video speed (x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Keyboard control
All those features work with mp4 videos only.

3. Exclusive features

But the strength of WPS Player comes from its exclusive features:

  • Custom logo (image, position, size, opacity, grayscale) mp4 iframe
  • Many ads slots
    • over the video before it is played mp4 iframe
    • over the video on pause mp4
    • on pre-roll in-stream before the video when it is played mp4
    • on mid-roll in-stream whenever you want in the middle of the video mp4
  • Custom colors
    • on timeline seeker mp4
    • on play/pause buttons mp4
  • Custom texts
    • on video loader mp4 iframe
    • on ads buttons to close ads mp4
  • Quality switcher
    • when multiple resolutions are defined for the same video mp4
  • Nice video loading animation with custom color and text mp4 iframe
  • Shortcode to display a video anywhere on your site

mp4 : This feature works with mp4 videos.
iframe : This feature works with iframes videos.

Check out WPS Player options doc to learn more about each feature.

3. When to use WPS Player?

WPS Player will be perfect in all situations. And more specifically as soon as you need to display videos with a professional and customized look.

That said, here are the 3 best situations where WPS Player will save you like no other video player on the market:

1. Branding

You want a video player with many options to reflect your site identity, including:

  • custom colors according to the graphic charter of your site
  • your own logo
  • customized texts

2. Advertising

You want to display your own ads inside your videos, including:

  • iframes based ads from advertising networks
  • javascript scripts ads provided by advertising networks
  • simple images with links to any site or resource you want
  • VAST ads tags
  • VPAID ads tags

3. Advanced Control

You want a video player to play any video found on your site, including:

  • mp4 videos
  • iframe videos
  • WordPress video shortcode videos

You want a video player at a specific place on your site:

  • on any content page like posts and pages
  • inside any WordPress widget slot
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