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Server Requirements

1. Minimal Server Requirements

Here are the server prerequisites for WP-Script themes and plugins:

  • PHP 5.6.20+ (PHP 7.4.x will be way better though)
  • cUrl 7.34.0+

How to know if my server is all good?

Since the version 5.2, WordPress provides a site health status page. You can reach this page in the menu Tools > Site Health.

Click on the “Info” tab, then scroll down and open the Server tab. The options shown below relate to your server setup. You’ll get the PHP and cUrl versions installed on your server.

2. WordPress Requirements

WP-Script products are all based upon WordPress. This involves two things:

  1. WordPress must be installed on your site (Latest Version is better)
  2. You need some basics WordPress knowledges

How to install WordPress

Nowadays, most web hosts have a WordPress installation in 1 click. If your hoster doesn’t offer this service, you will have to install WordPress on your own.

Basic WordPress knowledge

WordPress is the most used CMS on the internet. There are a lot of resources and videos to learn how to use it.

Here are some useful links you may need to improve your WordPress skills.

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