Can I use WP-Script plugin and theme separately?

Yes you can use these products separately.

How to make your grabber compatible with my WP theme?

We have integrated options that allow you to change the custom field names of the video datas imported in order to be compatible with your theme. For example if the grabber imports video duration in a custom field named “duration” and your theme displays duration with a custom field named “length”, it won’t work…

So this is why we have integrated these custom field names customizer options:

Video in progress…

Can I use WP-Script theme with another grabber plugin?

Yes you can but you will need a video grabber that allows you to customize the custom field names for each video data element (duration, video URL, embed player, thumbnail, etc.).

So it’s simpler to use the pack isn’t it?

Yes, of course, our products have been developed for full compatibility, a perfect and comprehensive use of all datas.

Last updated on January 27, 2017

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