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55 Most Usefull WordPress Hacks You Need To Master

Posted on June 6, 2017 in Tips & tricks

Here is a list of 55 wordpress hacks that will allow you to use wordpress like a pro.

This list will allow you to learn each item from the list below.

  1. How to use a custom homepage
  2. How to install google analytics in wordpress
  3. How to password protect wordpress admin directory
  4. How to show images in rows and columns
  5. How to allow users to subscribe to comments
  6. How to limit login attempts
  7. How to display excerpt (post summary) on home and archive pages
  8. How to add custom default gravatar image
  9. How to adding custom css to a wordpress theme
  10. How to using inspect element tool to customize wordpress
  11. How to add a facebook thumbnail image
  12. How to add featured image or post thumbnail to rss feed
  13. How to show excerpts in rss feed
  14. How to use shortcodes inside text widgets
  15. How to add images in wordpress sidebar
  16. How to add content to articles in rss feeds
  17. How to delay posts in rss feeds
  18. How to display random header images in wordpress
  19. How to add image icons to links navigation menu
  20. How to open navigation menu link in new window
  21. How to add full screen search overlay in wordpress
  22. How to add a sticky floating navigation menu
  23. How to add multiple authors to a wordpress post
  24. How to add categories to wordpress pages
  25. How to create a local wordpress site on your computer
  26. How to display total number of comments in wordpress
  27. How to show total number of registered users in wordpress
  28. How to create new image sizes in wordpress
  29. How to add category icons in wordpress
  30. How to convert categories to tags or vice versa
  31. How to bulk move posts between categories and tags
  32. How to display last updated date of your posts
  33. How to how to display relative dates in wordpress
  34. How to remove wordpress version number
  35. How to update wordpress urls when not able to access wp-admin
  36. How to deactivate all plugins when not able to access wp-admin
  37. How to remove default image links in wordpress
  38. How to include category in post urls
  39. How to display random posts in wordpress
  40. How to allow user registration on your wordpress site
  41. How to create a custom user registration form in wordpress
  42. How to exclude specific categories from rss feed
  43. How to change excerpt length in wordpress
  44. How to display dynamic copyright date in wordpress
  45. How to how to change a user name in wordpress
  46. How to allow users to like or dislike comments
  47. How to duplicate a wordpress post or page
  48. How to allow users to submit posts to your wordpress site
  49. How to turn off comment notification emails in wordpress
  50. How to change sender name in outgoing wordpress emails
  51. How to changing the author of a wordpress post
  52. How to rearrange post edit screen in wordpress
  53. How to change number of posts shown on blog pages
  54. How to automatically close comments on old articles
  55. How to split long posts into pages